Customizable State Logo Backsplash

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Round,  Customizable State Logo Backsplash

Personalize your own custom made backsplash with your choice of state emblem, 3 different size options and also a round or square option.

Unless specifically noted, our medallions are created using 3/8" thickness x 12" x 12" granite, marble or travertine tiles. Backsplashes are mounted on a fiberglass mesh backer with adhesive and are shipped in sections. Grout lines are 1/16" in width and are shipped un-grouted.

Depending on the size of the backsplash,  joint line locations may vary from image. Due to the variations of natural stone , all materials are subject to variations in color, pattern and veining.

For online orders with free shipping, we can only ship to continental U.S. only. Contact us for international shipping quotes.

All of our medallions are created in Grand Rapids, MI. USA. 


What is the difference between waterjet cut floor medallions and mosaics style floor medallions? 

With our waterjet cut floor medallions, all of the individual pieces of a floor medallion are cut using a precision CNC waterjet machine. Using this precision waterjet technology, it allows the floor medallion to be cut to the exact shapes and sizes as they are drawn in the CAD program. A finished installed waterjet cut floor medallion has a perfect fit and finish, with uniform grout lines throughout the floor medallion.

Mosaics style floor medallions and wall decorations techniques have been used as far back as ancient Greece and Rome. Modern day mosaics style floor medallions typically consist of a small, square, individual pieces of stone that are hand laid and glued onto a fiberglass mesh backer. The look of a finished mosaic type floor medallion typically has a more informal, rustic, almost impressionistic, look to them. Due to the intensive hand labor involved in mosaics, most commercially available mosaics are produced in either China or Mexico and imported into the US.   

Can I change material colors on standard designs?

Yes, absolutely!  It is not uncommon that we change tile colors on our standard designs in order to help create your perfect custom floor medallion.

Can I make changes to the design of a standard design?

Yes!  We just consider it a custom medallion and can use our standard designs as a starting point to help create your customized floor medallion and custom return policy.

I have my own design idea; can I have you create a custom floor medallion?

We can help to create your vision, creating custom medallions is our specialty! Whether you are an interior designer or architect with your own CAD drawing or simply have a hand drawn concept sketch of your idea. We can help create your idea from just about anything.  

How long will my floor medallion take to create?

Allow 2 to 4 weeks for the medallion to be created and shipped. Lead times depend on the design complexity, medallion size, and if tile colors need to be special ordered. Some medallions can be created quickly while complex designs may take longer. If tile colors need to be special ordered it may take an additional 2 weeks for tiles to arrive from our distributor.

Where are these floor medallions made?

All of our products are proudly made in Grand Rapids, MI. USA.

Don’t be fooled by other sites, there are quite a few other sites online that import cheap floor medallions from China and resell them online. If other sites don’t list where their medallions are made, you can be assured they are imported and re-sold.

How difficult are these floor medallions to install?

We highly recommended using an experienced, professional tile installer for floor medallion and wall covering project installs. Many different factors are involved in achieving a correct installation, a good resource for installation can be found in the Tile Council of North America’s (TCNA) Handbook for Ceramic, Glass, and Stone Installation.

What is the typical ordering process for custom medallions projects?


  1. Initial design concept, medallion size, and tile color selections.
  2. Final design drawing approval with tile color locations finalized.
  3. Payment made for custom medallion.
  4. Tile materials ordered if needed.
  5. Creation of medallion and shipping to your location.
  6. Installation at site by your tile installer.